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Strut Your Hut’s goal is to make the process of looking for a new place to live fun. Strut Your Hut, by its very name, looks to the community as a whole to ‘Strut Their Hut’ and get excited about living in and choosing a new area...neighbors helping neighbors.

Using a combination of Photos, Videos and Narrative, Strut Your Hut allows Agents, Brokers, Sellers and Landlords a chance to “Strut Their Hut”, actually searching Buyers and Renters to make the pitch that they’ve got the best place to live.

Buyers & Renters

Organize and let homes come to you!

  • Organize your home search by adding properties from multiple locations using FINDS.
  • Let Sellers and Landlords find YOU! Add Videos and Photos of how you live, your interests or things you’d love in your next home.
  • Invite friends, family or colleagues to support you by offering an outside perspective of who you are.


Strutters - Owners & Renters

Strut Your Hut!

  • Have some fun and show friends and family where you're living and what great things you've done to your home.
  • Add any living space - home, apartment, RV, or bedroom - it's your Hut!
  • Add Videos and Photos of projects like remodels or decorating.
  • Invite friends, family and community members to join your community.

Selling & Renting

Show off what you’ve really got!

  • This is your opportunity to show prospects why your home is special by pointing out your favorite features or things that make the property unique.
  • For the first time, search Buyers and Renters to find a perfect match.
  • When you find the right buyer, contact them directly to show them what your property is really like.


Strutters Community Members

Real Estate is All About Community

  • Help Buyers and Renters discover what a neighborhood or community is really like by Strutting a Business or Organization.
  • Reach your audience in a new way - you're treated just like a member of the community - not just as an advertiser.
  • Network in your neighborhood by adding other businesses to your profile, commenting on them and allowing others to do the same.