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Strut Your Hut is a FREE Real Estate site that allows Sellers, Landlords and Agents to List properties using photos, videos, essays, blogs, and messaging, right next to actual Buyers and Renters who List the kind of home they're looking for.

You can organize ALL your Real Estate activities in one place, including properties you find on the other websites, from your Realtor, that you've found in the newspaper or driving around! Strut Your Hut is also a fun place to just "Strut" and share your home, improvements, and renovations with friends, family, and colleagues.

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Living Green

What are you doing around your home to make a difference in the environment? Share photos, videos, stories and experiences to help spread energy saving ideas!

Are your videos getting lost on various video sharing sites? Strut Your Hut lets you organize your Real Estate videos or Slideshows from various video and photo sharing sites so that Buyers and Renters can actually find them along with you and your Listings details.

Welcome to Strut Your Hut

If you're looking for a new place, have an interest in Real Estate or just love your home, you've found the right place. At Strut Your Hut, Real Estate is all about community. We're the first and only Real Estate site where:

  • You can list a property like no where else.
  • Buyers and Renters post Listings to get found!
  • You can organize ALL your real estate activities in one place, including properties you find on other websites, from your realtor, or that you've found in the newspaper.
  • You can "Strut" just to "Show Off" your home, renovation or the way you live-- even if you aren't here to Buy, Sell or Rent.
  • You get "HutComp", an innovative tool for property comparisons that goes way beyond "house values", price and square footage.

At Strut Your Hut, Real Estate gets personal!

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